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Tantra Workshop / One Day Retreat: Tantric Purification

18 Mai -10:00 - 23:00

This Tantra Workshop / Day Retreat is designed to guide you in to shedding whatever is keeping you from stepping in to authentic intimacy.

Immerse yourself into the world of Tantra during this one Day Tantra Retreat and take the first step in to embodying the core principles of Sacred Sexuality.

This Tantric Purification will guide you into shedding what is keeping you from stepping into your power and into authentic intimacy. Join this heart-opening journey and leave with a sense of vibrant aliveness and deep connection to yourself and others.

This is for you if you are ready to

  • Step in to your full power
  • Experience deep intimacy
  • Deepen the connection to yourself
  • Release the past and find forgiveness
  • Heal wounds in relation to the opposite gender
  • Become a wider and fuller expression of yourself
  • Let go of shame, judgment and self-limiting beliefs
  • Take the first step in unraveling the core principles of sacred sexuality

What to expect

  • 4 practice sessions
  • Solo energy practice
  • Group and partner practices
  • Tantric Ritual
  • Movement, sound, breath
  • Conscious touch
  • Sharing
  • Dedicated team experienced in Tantra, Reiki and Coaching
  • Comfortable studio
  • Enough time for rest and integration

Please register via this link or visit sophieheldens.com/tantric-purification for more information.

After this retreat, there is opportunity to deepen and continue unravelling the fundamental elements of Sacred Sexuality. The Sacred Sexuality Day Retreat Series has been created for people who are ready to embark on a transformative journey and want to dive deep into the topic of Sacred Sexuality, both advanced and beginners alike. You can take the journey at your own pace and without commitment to sign up for further modules.

Module 1 Tantric Purification

During the first module we focus on purifying the emotional, mental and spiritual body. The exercises are designed to release stagnation, to let go of shame and judgment and to release any narratives we unconsciously hold on to that are keeping us from relating authentically.

Module 2 Foundations for Tantra

Discover how to unlock your heart and open your senses to the boundless love permeating the universe. You’ll learn to awaken full-body erotic pleasure from within, sensitizing the body and returning it to its natural state of innocence.

Module 3 Tantric Embodiment

Connect deeply with your divine essence and its embodiment in to this world. Worship the divine in others and honor the sacredness in all of creation.

Module 4 Alchemy of Opposites

Module 4 is all about the meeting. Explore masculine and feminine energy, learn how to merge with your partner, engage in an exploration of touch and experience the meeting of divine archetypes through movement.

Module 5 Passionate Transcendence

Practice staying present with pleasure and learn how to harvest your sexual energy. Implement all the principles that you’ve picked up along this journey in the heat of the moment.

Please register via this link or visit sophieheldens.com/tantric-purification for more information.

Your facilitator

Hi! My name is Sophie. I’m Tantra and feminine embodiment facilitator. It’s my greatest passion is to create spaces in which individuals and couples are able to (re-)connect with the beauty of life, the beauty of humanity and the beauty of being themselves.

I have been teaching Tantra for over 2 years. I’m double certified as a Tantra teacher (700 hours by the esteemed Ma Ananda Sarita) and have studied with teachers in Greece, Thailand, India and Ibiza. My workshops are gentle yet transformative, spiritual yet grounded and always heart-centered.

During this workshop I am supported by a team of four assistants who are trained professionals in the fields of psychology and coaching.

Please register via this link or visit sophieheldens.com/tantric-purification for more information.

Sophie holds space with calm deep presence. I attended several of her tantra workshops in Thailand and I benefitted deeply from her work. I felt safe enough to open my heart to new experiences share more authentically with others. I met my edges but always felt able to express my needs or boundaries at any point. Thanks Sophie for creating such a loving container for this important work.

– Kate United States

Sophie’s tantra workshop was absolutely incredible! The exercises were both challenging and liberating I was able to explore my relationship with different aspects of myself in a way that was deeply transformative. I left the workshop feeling more connected to my body and more confident in my identity than before. Sophie’s passion for the work was evident in every moment and her skill as a facilitator was truly inspiring. I can’t recommend her workshop enough – it was an incredible experience that I’ll never forget. Thank you Sophie!

– Florian Fröhlich Switserland

I attended several tantra workshops run by Sophie in Koh phangnan Thailand.I felt very safe and supported during the workshops and Sophie was an excellent facilitator. She brought playfulness and fun warmth and heart energy and care and also knowledge and wisdom. I would highly recommend a tantra workshop with Sophie.

– Kate Outhred Australia

Sophie’s tantra classes are fantastic. She is highly knowledgeable and her passion comes through in her teaching. She is sensitive to everyone’s needs and creates a space that feels incredibly safe and allows you to relax (which is essential for growth and healing). I felt safe held and guided by her and was able to develop my understanding of intimacy and connection on both a mental and emotional level. I feel privileged to have experienced her classes as they allowed me to develop my self-awareness recognise my emotional blocks and carry these lessons into my life. Thank you so much Sophie for sharing your sensitivity wisdom and gift with others!!!

– Katie O. England


Sophie Heldens
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